We are a small volunteer-based group of energy enthusiasts and professionals with an interest in community discussions, solutions and empowerment towards a happy, resilient energy future for the San Juan Islands. We go by the name of the Islands Energy Coalition (IEC). We are a county-wide coalition whose mission is to envision and foster a local energy economy that is thriving and based on the principles of ecology, peace and social justice.

Our goal is to create a robust county-wide energy plan that is results-oriented and makes San Juan County a leader in conservation, education and development of appropriate renewable energy (RE) projects. Specifically the energy plan will include programs and projects that produce economic, environmental and community benefits and incentives.

IEC members have been meeting together since 2005. We first began with an initiative to start a county-wide renewable energy cooperative. We concluded that the timing wasn’t right. We then regrouped as a work group of the San Juan Community Foundation’s Critical Needs Task Force and later evolved into an coalition of engaged individuals with a shared vision for our collective energy future.

To see the list of activities IEC members have been engaged in, please go to the Activities page.


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