Posted by: islandsenergycoalition | May 3, 2011


We used to live in a simpler world. It was a world in which we thought we were blessed by an abundance of cheap hydropower and fossil fuels. It was a world in which our pursuit of low-cost electricity and fuel was not complicated by our mounting awareness of our impact on the environment, natural resources and habitat– a world of seemingly endless economic growth and opportunities without adverse consequences.

Now that world is not so simple.

What we face today is a world of unprecedented challenges and uncertainties – climate change, health risks from nuclear fallout, volatile fossil fuel prices and limited supplies, to name a few. Is there a way we can maintain and improve our quality of life without compromising the environment and natural resources that we leave our children and their children? Can we move forward in a way that is creative, responsible, affordable and even fun?

We believe the answer to the last question is YES! Innovations in technology, policy, and collaboration open up opportunities that are more than sufficient to address our challenges. We want to explore energy questions and engage our community members in an important discussion of our county’s energy future.

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  1. After years of looking at this issue considering the available off-the-shelf technologies and emerging technologies I am convinced of the superiority of geothermal energy for our region.

    Compared to renewables, which would always have some place in the mix, geothermal is firm power, that means it is a steady, reliable source of electricity day or night, rain or shine, summer or winter, tides or slack, windy or still, snow-pack or snow-melt as long as the planet remains in existence and the fairly simple moving parts are maintained. It is made of fairly simple, well understood technology that is easy to maintain and has a relatively small ecological footprint. Geothermal can generate power on a scale equivalent to nuclear but with NO toxic waste. This is deep geothermal alone, bet there is also shallow geothermal which can help to heat and cool individual buildings as well.

    Please consider this clean form of electricity. With enough generation capacity and other efficiency measures it could be used for producing hydrogen for vehicles traveling locally and get us off of petroleum and biofuels to a large extent. Or just go fully electric. Or electric/hydrogen hybrids. You see the picture.

    Thanks for getting this dialog going, Eric. You rock!

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