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IEC Press Release – OPALCO Election 2014


Dear Community,

We, the undersigned, are members of the Islands Energy Coalition (IEC), a coalition of individuals from throughout the San Juan’s. Our primary goal is to bring awareness to energy issues ranging from the global to the local. On April 14th candidates running are all impressive in their own right. That said, this election cycle we have chosen to support Vince Dauciunas and Steve Hudson for the OPALCO Board. Additionally we are in support of both proposed bylaw changes #1 and #2.

During the Forum, four of the six candidates were able to make it. Candidates Vince Dauciunas, Glenna Hall, Brian Hoyer and Steve Hudson, gave introductory comments and answered questions from the audience for over 90 minutes. We are fortunate to have many qualified people running for OPALCO Board. Our support for Dauciunas and Hudson is based on both oral and written statements. Looking at the current board composition, we feel Dauciunas and Hudson will bring a balance of technical competency and responsive engagement with members.

We support both proposed bylaw changes on the ballot because we believe the membership will benefit from greater transparency and accountability in decision making. Although we disagree with the projected costs for implementation as published in the OPALCO ballot, even when using these high figures the cost of less than $1.50 per member per year for the Information Meetings (Bylaw #1) and $3 per member for acquiring streamed audio-visual capability for board meetings (Bylaw #2) are well worth the costs considering that OPALCO is making multi-million dollar decisions that will affect members for years to come. These next few years are particularly crucial as our coop makes decisions to leave the ‘electric only’ coop business and venture deeper into broadband.  The annual electricity bill for a household with average consumption went up $77 this year, with an expected cumulative increase of $246 by 2016.

You can read the candidates’ answers to questions here and listen to the recorded forum discussion soon. The link to the file will be uploaded here shortly. Please vote by May 3 either by email or in the paper copy you received in the mail.


Sandy Bishop, Chom & Chris Greacen, Jeff Dyer and John Bogert

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We used to live in a simpler world. It was a world in which we thought we were blessed by an abundance of cheap hydropower and fossil fuels. It was a world in which our pursuit of low-cost electricity and fuel was not complicated by our mounting awareness of our impact on the environment, natural resources and habitat– a world of seemingly endless economic growth and opportunities without adverse consequences.

Now that world is not so simple.

What we face today is a world of unprecedented challenges and uncertainties – climate change, health risks from nuclear fallout, volatile fossil fuel prices and limited supplies, to name a few. Is there a way we can maintain and improve our quality of life without compromising the environment and natural resources that we leave our children and their children? Can we move forward in a way that is creative, responsible, affordable and even fun?

We believe the answer to the last question is YES! Innovations in technology, policy, and collaboration open up opportunities that are more than sufficient to address our challenges. We want to explore energy questions and engage our community members in an important discussion of our county’s energy future.

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